Types of SBI Credit Card How to Apply

Best SBI credit cards in India

Life Time Free Credit Card

1. SBI SimplySave credit card

as salaried individuals, you do a lot of daily transactions, like spending on movies, entertainment, dining, and at departmental stores. SBI SimplySaveCard provides up to ten times more rewards with every purchase using the card.

features and benefits of SBI SimplySave credit card


the SBI SimplySave credit card provides a vast number of reward points per purchase that can be used to redeem gifts from SBI rewards catalogue.

as a welcome bonus for a new customer, you receive up to 2,000 reward points on making purchases within the first two months. the reward points are equivalent to the amount you spend in rupees.

unlike other cards with the hefty renewal fee, the standard renewal rate is just ₹499, which can be waived if you make ₹1 lakh worth of transaction in the subscription year. 

SimplySave credit card is accepted at over 2.4 crores outlets worldwide.

SBI SimplySave credit card can be used for making expensive purchases on EMI.

any outstanding balance on other bank credit cards can be transferred to SBI SimplySave credit card and can be paid back in EMIs at a lower interest rate.

SBI SimplySave credit card offers up to 3 add-on credit cards.

anyone in the family aged above 18 years is eligible for add-on cards.

you can pay fuel bills without additional surcharge using the credit card.

you can retrieve your card or replace it with ₹100.

you only need to pay only ₹99 to redeem your reward points.

there are no late payment fees till ₹200.

2. SBI SimplyClick credit card

if you do plenty of online shopping, SBI SimplyClick credit card can be a lifesaver. in addition to providing rewards on each purchase, you also receive 10x credit card rewards from partner websites and 5x rewards from non-partner websites.

features and benefits of SBI SimplyClick credit card


Life Time Free Credit Card

you receive 1 reward point on every ₹100 spent. the reward is 10X on online purchase through partnered websites and 5X on other websites.

as a new customer, the credit card provides you with Amazon e-gift voucher worth ₹500 as a welcome bonus.

the registration and renewal fees are a meagre ₹499. the registration charges can be waived off by spending a minimum of ₹1 lakh within the membership year.

this credit card has the ‘wave and pay’ technology which allows making payments contactless by only waiving at the retail terminals.

these credit cards can be used globally, at over 2.4 crores outlets.

the SBI SimplyClick credit card offers the option of add-on credit cards.

you can use this card for making expensive purchases on EMI.

you can transfer all outstanding balance on other bank credit cards to SBI SimplyClick credit card to pay back the EMIs at a lower interest rate.

you can easily avail customer service assistance at any time.

you also get a 1% fuel charge waiver on every fuel transaction within the amount at any petrol pump across India till ₹300.

you would require ₹100 to replace your card if it gets accidentally stolen.

3. SBI Card Prime

SBI Card Prime provides a wide range of benefits and rewards for its consumers. it offers various rewards on new joining, completion of milestones and expenses done through multiple mediums including travel, fuel, and lifestyle. if you love travelling and purchasing online, this might be the card for you.

features and benefits of SBI Card Prime

Life Time Free Credit Card


with SBI Card Prime, you are entitled to two reward points on every ₹100 spent. the rewards are 10X more on expenses made on the consumer’s birthday and 10X more rewards on utility bills. purchases through BigBasket will generate 15 reward points on every ₹100. dining, grocery, movies and department stores expenses bring 5X reward points.

you will receive an e-gift voucher worth ₹3,000 as a joining perk.

every year, you can receive a gift voucher worth ₹7,000 from Pantaloons and Yatra for spending ₹5 lakhs in the year.

the renewal fee for SBI Prime Card is a bit higher at ₹2,999. however, you can get a full waiver by spending ₹3 lakhs in the subscription year.

you get travel, dining, and shopping offers

discount on hotel, flight, or bus booking on EaseMyTrip.

EMI option for travel booking made through Cleartrip, Goibibo, and Yatra.com.

eight free domestic airport lounge visits and four free international airport longue visits per year.

10% discount on bookings made through hotel websites.

1,500 bonus points on the first hotel stay.

air accident insurance covers ₹50 lakhs.

₹1 lakh insurance for credit card frauds.

1% (up to ₹250) fuel surcharge on fuel expense transaction between ₹500 to ₹4,000 across all petrol pumps.

Life Time Free Credit Card

20% discount on Zomato orders of minimum ₹300.

EMI payment option for expensive purchases in online stores.

4. SBI Elite card

SBI introduced this card, especially for people who frequently travel across the country and the world. it has lots of offers on flights, hotels, movies, dining, and much more. SBI Elite card is the next level of SBI Prime card.

features and benefits of SBI Elite card


avail two reward points for every ₹100 spent, including both local and international expenses.

foreign exchange mark-up fee for international use is 1.99%, which is comparatively lower than any other SBI credit cards.

  • the renewal fee of ₹4,999 can be waived off if you spend ₹10 lakhs in the membership year.
  • get exclusive assistance from the bank with travel bookings, hotel, movies and dining reservations.
  • enjoy free fraud liability cover of ₹1 lakh on the card.
  • get travel, dining, shopping, and other offers
  • free movie tickets worth ₹6,000 every year.
  • two domestic lounge visits every quarter.
  • six international lounge visits with a maximum of two visits per quarter.
  • benefits of club Vistara membership.
  • benefits of Trident privilege membership.
  • up to 10% discount on car rental with Hertz and up to 35% with Avis.
  • 1% (up to ₹250) fuel surcharge on fuel expense transaction between ₹500 to ₹4,000 across all petrol pumps.


every credit card is useful in a different way; some are economical, some are good for online shopping, whereas others have all-round benefits.
before choosing a card, you must be aware of the renewal fees and your spending habits. in the end, you must select the best SBI credit card that matches your specific interests. you can also use an app like CRED to make your SBI credit card payment and amplify your rewards.



Types of SBI Credit Card How to Apply


Types of SBI Credit Card How to Apply

Life Time Free Credit Card


Types of SBI Credit Card How to Apply


Types of SBI Credit Card How to Apply


Types of SBI Credit Card How to Apply


Life Time Free Credit Card


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